Guys Watch Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled On The Street, Can't Believe Their Own Ears

'Those people are scary.'

A picture is worth a thousand words — we think this had to be the premise of Cosmopolitan's latest video that shines a light on a very abrasive, yet common phenomenon known as catcalling.

Catcalling is a part of street harassment and usually comes in a form of public remarks regarding the other person's appearance (body, clothes, etc.). Not to be confused with compliments, most of these comments are loaded with sexual cues and by no means are they invited or desired.

It is also not a secret that it's mostly just women (if not ONLY women) who suffer from this form of "flattery." So how do you get men to understand and relate to their pain? Easy.


To show guys how street harassment impacts a woman's life, 'Cosmopolitan' invited three couples to participate in an experiment.

They hooked up the women with cameras and recorded them strolling around the streets of New York.

Then, they asked boyfriends to review the footage and express their opinions.

Their faces pretty much sum it up, but wait 'til you hear their thoughts ...

'That's so messed up! Those people are scary.'

'That's just disgusting, dude! Get back to work and stop wasting tax payers' money.'

Watch the full video below:


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