You've Worked With These 15 Types Of Bosses At Your Job And They're Funny


We've had memorable co-workers, but it's really the bosses who play the biggest role in making a job what it is. And if you've had multiple bosses throughout your career, you can probably categorize each one based on their type — just don't them that.

Here are the 15 types of bosses out there.


1. The one who is bossy.

2. The one who comes to you with all of the problems.

3. The one who tries to fit in with the employees.

4. The one who excites people.

5. The one who shouts a lot.

6. The one who's always watching you.

7. The one who generously gives generous breaks.

8. The one who overreacts.

9. The one who tries to be cool.

10. The one who stares are you while drinking coffee.

11. The one who is demanding.

12. The one who tries to be innovative.

13. The one who pulls pranks.

14. The one who is controlling

15. The one who takes things way too far.


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