These Breakup Doodles Remind Us Everything Is Going To Be OK

"No one can take your soul."

"No one can take your soul," writes graphic designer Melody Hansen.

Hansen's Instagram is filled with sayings like these, illustrated on quote cards and aimed at those dealing with a breakup. 

"They're personal realizations that have allowed me to grow and heal, and if they can bring light to someone else, I share them," Hansen, 26, tells The Huffington Post. "Sometimes the truth hurts, but sharing the pain with someone who can relate makes the pain a little less scary to feel."


And Hansens' posts are clearly resonating with people: with over 61, 000 followers, her account receives feedback filled with positivity and gratitude.

"Check out this girl," one person writes, tagging their friend in the comments section. "I'm obsessed with all of it. Her words. Her art. She gets it."

"Needed this!" another adds.

Check out more of Hansen's work below:

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

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