See How Many Random Words Melissa McCarthy And Jimmy Fallon Can Work Into Their Conversation

They're total experts.

Jimmy Fallon and his celebrity guest Melissa McCarthy had a conversation on The Tonight Show Tuesday night. That's not exactly unusual behavior for a talk show, except for one minor detail — they had to work as many random words into the conversation as possible. 

It was all part of a game called Word Sneak, and Jimmy and Melissa were total pros.

The way it works is that each player gets a stack of words ranging from "giraffe" to "Honda Prelude" that they must somehow insert into a conversation while sounding as natural as possible. The result is a very strange little chat, but somehow it all flows together seamlessly. 

Leave it to the comedians to move from dogs attending college to a wild night at Hooters with Pat Sajak to Jimmy's old nickname, all in under five minutes. They occasionally even lead each other into the perfect set-up to drop an assigned word.

"I just think dogs should be regular," Jimmy says in response to Melissa's anecdote.

"Like their system?" Melissa asks.

"Sure. Wet food, dry food ... Fiber One," Jimmy replies, earning a bell ding for his mention of the cereal.

Find out just how many words Melissa and Jimmy use in the video below:


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