Don't Invite This 'Game Of Thrones' Character To Your Baby Shower

She'll just keep reminding you how dark and full of terrors the night is.

With the premiere just over two months away, hype for Game of Thrones season 6 is steadily rising. That means plenty of speculation and dissection of the tidbits we've received so far, with a renewed focus on just how dead Jon Snow really is. Major character deaths and potential upcoming shockers aside, the show's actors are making sure they have some fun while they're still part of the ride.

Every now and then, that means a little crossover between Westeros and our world. Last year, Late Night with Seth Meyers brought everyone's favorite bastard Snow into the fold for a casual dinner party. Needless to say, the dude didn't really fit in, what with the much more liberal murder rates in his homeland relative to ours.

This time, Seth invited Melisandre over from Westeros to hang out at his baby shower. She's not as notable a player as Jon Snow was, but what she's lacked in screen time she more than makes up for in darkness. In a short span, she manages to bring the whole mood down, give a wildly dangerous gift, and set a couple things on fire. How did she and Seth meet, you ask? They went to college together. At "North Westeros."


Cringe at the clash of cultures yourself:

Cover image: Hulu

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