If You 'Wannabe' The Coolest Aunt Ever, Take A Page Out Of Mel B's Book

"Spice party at my house boom hey."

It's one thing to play dress-up with the younger members of your family, but it's a whole other level when that involves major moments of pop music history. Mel B — one of the five original Spice Girls — was having some fun with niece, Tillie Thalia, over the weekend and the two gals decided to try on some truly iconic outfits in the process.


"Spice party at my house boom hey," the 42-year-old America's Got Talent host wrote on Instagram. "Can the real Spice Girl please stand up please stand up?"

As People notes, Mel B — whose full name is Melanie Brown — is donning a dress she wore when the Spice Girls reunited in 2012 for a performance at the London Olympics and Tillie has on one of her aunt's music video outfits, specifically the one worn for the beloved girl group's 1996 debut smash hit "Wannabe." Mel B hit us with hilarious and empowering hashtags like #stillfits, #girlpower, and — of course — #family.

In response, Tillie posted a sweet Instagram post about the quality time spent with her aunt — who might just be the coolest aunt ever. She wrote: "All you need is positivity. Thank you for the best time you're the best love you lots like jelly tots. I am one lucky kid."

While these two obviously have a familial tie, Tillie has also brushed shoulders with the rest of the Spice Girls. In another photo, the teen posted a group shot with the entire crew. We are officially jealous.

Keep on spicing up your — and our — lives, ladies!

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