How This Survivor Of Gun Violence Learned To Find Beauty In Her Situation

"I'd like to dispel the myth that I'm a victim of gun violence, because I'm a survivor of gun violence."

"I'd like to dispel the myth that I'm a victim of gun violence, because I'm a survivor of gun violence," Megan Hobson said in an interview with Allure for their Dispelling Beauty Myths video series. 

Just two weeks before her 17th birthday, Hobson went out to celebrate her sister's 22nd birthday. "It was me, my sister, her best friend, her best friend's 2-year-old son," she explained. "We were in the car leaving, and I was sleeping in the car. I didn't know where we were and I remember waking up — it was just two shots. That's all I heard." 

Hobson quickly put the baby on the floor of the back seat, put her hand over him, and she laid herself down on the back seat. Bullets were continuously fired at the car as part of a gang initiation and Hobson was shot. The bullet damaged her intestines, bladder, pelvis, and other surrounding tissue and bone. She lost a significant amount of blood and underwent surgery to repair the damage. 

"By the time I left recovery and was on my way to rehab, I was, kind of, coming to terms with the fact that my life was kind of changed forever. I'd never be able to cheer. I'd never be able to dance. I'd never be able to do all these things," Hobson said. 

It's been several years since Hobson survived the shooting, but she's still left with scars and has difficulty walking. It's been a difficult road to recovery, but she's learned to stop comparing herself to her peers. She went through something they haven't, and she knows her life is going to look different from theirs because of it. 

"Some people think of violence, some people think of the havoc they're wrecking on the communities, but when I think of gangs, I think of someone wanting to find placement. Someone wanting to find that belonging, like the same way I love my family and didn't want to leave them the night of the shooting. I think there needs to be more resources to even them," Hobson said. "I also learned, over time, that you need to find beauty in your situation, beauty in the things around you. Move forward that way instead of trying to find things to be angry about." 

You can watch her entire interview in the video below. 

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