Meek Mill Makes A Vow To His Fans To Stop Rapping About 'Extreme Violence'

Something that is definitely needed in hip-hop.

Meek Mill took to Instagram to make a vow to rap and his fans.


Because of violence taking place in the U.S. and around the world, the Maybach Music rapper has decided that he will be changing up his lyrics on all his projects going forward.

After he releases Dreamchasers 4, which is almost complete, he says that he will no longer rap about extreme violence in his music.

"AFTER DC4 I won't continue to rap about extreme violence!!! But I will remain to let my people know in these terrible environments to adapt and survive at any cost," he wrote.

He explains that while he will tone it down, he still has a right to express himself based on the turmoil he faced growing up in South Philadelphia and because Black people are still at war with "ourselves and the system."

Therefore, there is still a message to be written and told, but hopefully he can teach people to utilize means other than violence.

Meek Mill has also been very vocal about the recent shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

He urged his peers and others to use their platforms to bring about justice and discuss change.

He wrote, "Don't let up. Stop focusing on non important shit and use your platform to bring attention to these foul ways some people believe we should b treated!"

He also posted a number of videos on Instagram, showing the Alton Sterling shooting compared to a White man physically fighting cops. In the latter video, the cops did not use lethal force to subdue the victim and exercised restraint, showing there is a difference between how cops treat White and Black men.

Let's hope this new direction will help spark further change in the rap community and elsewhere.


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