8 Medical Conditions That Seem Too Bizarre To Be Real, But Are


An itch that won't go away; eyes that can be heard moving; a headache that starts every time pornography is played — Some medical conditions and symptoms are so rare, that even doctors find them mysterious. 

Here are some of the strangest medical mysteries to date: 


1. The seizures that started at the sound of Ne-Yo's voice.

A healthcare assistant has crippling seizures triggered by R&B singer Ne-Yo's voice, reports SWNS. She had surgery to remove her left frontal lobe in hopes that it would stop the seizures, but that didn't work. As a result, she has to wear headphones before she enters any store just in case a Ne-Yo song is playing. "I don't dislike Ne-Yo or his music," she said, according to the publication. "It just dislikes me, unfortunately."

2. The tears that were made of stones.

A little girl in Yemen cries small gravel like stones, according to Gulf News. Fortunately, the stones aren't painful and she can also cry regular tears without any stones at times. The stones often come out of her eyes in the afternoon and evening in particular. 

3. The itch that wouldn't go away.

Feeling an itch is uncomfortable, but can you imagine if scratching didn't get rid of it? That's exactly what happened to one woman who couldn't get rid of an itch she was experiencing on the right side of her head. The itch was so bad, that one night she scratched through her skull all the way into her brain, according to a 2008 New Yorker article. It may have happened awhile ago, but the idea of having a never ending itch is one that's hard to scratch. 

4. The music that wouldn't stop playing in one woman's head.

Everyone gets songs stuck in their heads, but eventually it goes away. One woman from Essex, England, had the Patti Page song "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" stuck in her head for four years, according to Medical Daily. Now, she typically hears Judy Garland's "Somewhere over the Rainbow." Sometimes "Happy Birthday" and "Auld Lang Syne" will play in her head, too. This condition is called "musical hallucination" and it gets worse when there's no other noise. 

5. The headaches that started every time pornography was watched.

Whenever one man in India watched pornography, he would experience painful headaches. The headaches would start after the first five minutes of the video and would become most severe after eight to ten minutes of watching, according to a 2012 Live Science article. The condition is called "primary headache associated with sexual activity" and no one really knows what causes it. 

6. The eyes that can be heard moving.

Think about how much you move your eyes throughout the course of your day. What if you could hear each and every movement they made? A rare hearing condition caused one woman to not only hear her eyes' every movement, but also the blood move through her veins, according to The Sun. 

7. The man that came out of a coma knowing fluent Mandarin.

An Australian man was in a terrible car accident that kept him in a coma for a whole week. When he woke up from the coma, he had to work hard to be able to speak English again. But, all of a sudden, he could speak fluent Mandarin, according to Medical Daily. Before the car crash, he took Mandarin classes in high school and spent some time in Shanghai, but he was faraway from speaking fluently. 

8. The pain that was never felt.

Can you imagine stubbing your toe and feeling no pain? How about breaking your jaw? One teenager actually hasn't ever felt any physical pain in her life. In fact, when she was a child, she broke her jaw and didn't know it was broken until a month later, according to the Daily News. Although she receives care from many doctors, she's a normal, happy teenager. 

(H/T: Medical Daily)

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