This Mom Makes Lunch Even Better By Putting Empowering Feminist Quotes In Her Daughter's Lunchbox

"You just have to do the best you can with what you’ve been given and hope that at the end of the day, it’s enough."

Mom-of-two Meaghan Elderkin leaves something extra special for her daughter, Holden, in her lunchbox every day — a napkin with an illustration of a famous feminist and a quote. The tradition started when Holden was in preschool, and is still continuing with the fourth grader's packed lunches.

The mom from Rhode Island said she was inspired to leave the napkin notes by her own mother, who used to draw on her lunchbox napkins when she was a kid.

Elderkin's napkin illustrations have evolved from funny illustrations and puns to inspirational ones. After the results of the election, Elderkin told Babble how she and her daughter were upset with the outcome, and it didn't feel right to draw funny notes. It was when Holden told Elderkin to be "brave like Malala Yousafzai" that inspired the illustrator to use inspiring women from history in her artwork.

Elderkin has drawn napkins for inspiring women including Lucille Ball, Amelia Earheart, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton. She was then inspired to share her illustrations online for the first time with a Pantsuit Nation Facebook group. 

The drawings were a hit with the public as much as they were with Elderkin's 9-year-old and they went viral. Elderkin told the Irish Examiner, "I'm definitely no parenting expert, I can't cook, and I've never successfully made anything off of Pinterest. Trying to find ways to encourage my daughters to be the strongest, bravest versions of themselves doesn't seem like a newsworthy event, and I get a little surprised when it becomes a political statement."

Check out more of Elderkin's illustrations:

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