This Guy's Rant To Fix McDonald's Should Earn Him Unlimited Big Macs

It's actually good advice.

McDonald's made headlines in quite the negative light recently when it declined Burger King's proposition to make a McWhopper for Peace One Day in the most snooty way possible. The company has been struggling as of late in the face of consumers' preference for healthier options at fast-casual places such as Chipotle, while also failing to deliver quality burgers on the level of In-N-Out and Shake Shack.

Needless to say, the fast-food giant could use a little advice on how it can spice up its offering in new ways. Former The Simpsons writer Bill Oakley was all too happy to offer that in the form of a little tough love on Twitter, going on a rant that spanned more than 30 tweets.

It covers all sorts of topics such as innovation, simplifying current offerings, generally improving quality and more. Follow the hilarious rant below — McDonald's should be thanking the guy.


First, he gave them the hard truth.

Then he dove straight into the three-part plan.

First, quality. (Even though he says innovation at first. It's a rant. Things get mixed up.)

Actually, nope. He's not done.

Take a breath. It's nostalgia time.

Good stuff, right? And now, finally, he gets to innovation.

Well played. Well played, indeed.

(H/T: Uproxx via The A.V. Club)

Cover image: Mike Mozart via Flickr


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