Beautiful Red Hair Knows No Race — And These Stunning Portraits Prove It

MC1R knows no color.

Photographer Michelle Marshall goes wherever her work leads her — she grew up in France and now resides in London — and the fluidity with which she chooses her projects is no different. 

Her recent — and quite stunning — photo series called MC1R is comprised of mixed race people with the "redhead" gene (a genetic mutation) and started out as a project on freckles. But after spotting a little girl of mixed race with bright red hair and freckles, that direction changed.  

"On exploring the notion a little more, from freckles I arrived at red hair and the presence of the MC1R (melanocortin 1 receptor) gene involved in modulating skin and hair color," she told A Plus. 


That little girl was her first subject. Then, beginning in April 2014, she continued to collect and photograph her subjects through call-outs and word of mouth. Her mission: to prove that genetics don't always happen the way we expect them to. 

"I hope this will engage the audience in discussions on the value of being individual and that being black, white, mixed etc. ... is not really relevant in connecting with another person," she told A Plus. 

"Nature is amazing and Culture doesn’t always knows best."


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