Beagle Gets Best Dog Birthday Surprise Ever

This is like dog heaven.

Ever wonder if domesticated animals think much about their birthdays? It seems unlikely, but you never know — perhaps they consider these things more often than we give them credit for. That said, there are very few pet owners who don't know their animal companions' birthdays, even if they're days that have been made up just to celebrate their life. After all, that's what a birthday is for: to celebrate the day that a particular life began on Earth.

The video you're about to see takes that celebration to joyous new heights for a lemon beagle and YouTube star named Maymo. It went crazy viral last summer and is making the rounds again, this time as a post on Imgur, The original video, however, is a must-see, so ... here you go.

Warning, this raises the bar on dog birthday parties. Do NOT let your canine see this.




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