This Cop Probably Didn't Expect To See An Insect Nightmare. But He Did.

Don't watch this if you're easily creeped out.

A bridge connecting Sabula, Iowa and Savanna, Illinois was recently closed due to a swarm of mayflies so thick that the Department of Transportation was forced to intervene with a snow plow in order to clear the "knee-high" piles of insects.

The horrifying incident, posted on YouTube and reported by Salt Lake City's FOX 13, was captured on video by Teena Franzen who happened to be riding along with her son, Sabula Police Department Reserve Officer Stephen Thayer, when he was called to investigate after two motorcyclists lost traction on the bridge and crashed.


As the officer steps out, the car is swarmed with mayflies.

Thayer told FOX 13 that, upon responding, he saw Mayflies "piled knee-high in front of their headlights from just sitting there."

And his poor mother is forced to sit in horror as the buzzing hordes invade.

What's a mayfly, you ask?

A mayfly, or shadfly, is a type of aquatic insect in the same group as dragonflies and damselflies. Swarms of mayflies are typical in the summer months and the adults may grow to be over an inch in length.

Swarms, like the one you are about to see, are not uncommon.

Watch the video in its entirety below.

Iowa's Department of Transportation plans to keep the lights on the bridge turned off so as to avoid attracting further swarms.

Ah, nature. Such an amusing sense of humor when it comes to reminding us that we do not own the planet.


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