This Is What Your Face Should Look Like

But actually this is really funny

The expression "let me put my face on" now has a whole new meaning.

This commercial was produced by The Onion so it's not marketing a real product. But it is satirizing a real issue plaguing women. 

The "product" is called the Ideal-Woman Rubber Mask by Maybelline. The "face" of the mask is the same for everyone: high cheekbones, smooth complexion, full lips, and arched eyebrows. Women can apply it by....


yanking it over their heads and pressing it onto their own faces.

Jessica Healy, the fictitious Director of Marketing for Maybelline addresses the audience:

"By simply yanking it over your face, you can instantly achieve a fresh look that conforms to western ideals of beauty," she says.  "Forget concealer, powder, blush or mascara. Now you can achieve a look that adheres to the conventional standard of feminine perfection in seconds."

It's funny, but...

Maybe makeup has become too much of a mask covering up the imperfections that make us unique. Perhaps society's concept of beauty is too objective and limiting. The "face" this commercial encourages women to wear might just be an exaggerated spin on reality. 

There's certainly a "face" we all have in mind when we imagine what a beautiful woman looks like.

But for now just enjoy this hilarious fake commercial for a fake product that satirizes fake beauty. 

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