Guess Who Inspires MattyBRaps And His Music?

A few artists you might know helped change his music.

The first memory MattyBRaps has of doing music came when he was 7 years old and hanging out with his friend Carson.

"We went downstairs and we begged my cousin Marshall to listen to our song," he told A Plus. "He said, 'well, I think you have potential' just to make us feel good... but then he put us on YouTube and we got a million views overnight."

That YouTube video was the start of something much, much bigger. Today, MattyB — now 12 years old  — is one of the most popular tween artists in the world, boasting billions of views on YouTube.


Matty's inspirations come from various places: From Justin Bieber and One Direction to Eminem and Jay-Z, though he emphasizes that he just listens to the clean versions. 

"I've always really liked hip-hop cause I just love the beats in it," MattyB told A Plus. "It just gets me happy and I love to dance to it."

Now that he's maturing into his teen years, you can expect MattyB's music to evolve with him. 

"We're definitely going to keep it clean music but just change what I rap about," he said. "We're probably not going to rap about my favorite toys or whatever."

Regardless of where Matty's music go, you can expect his BBoys and BGirls to follow. After five years of making music, Matty has found his way into the hearts of his fans, and he plans to stay there. When asked about where he hopes his music is down the road, he thought of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

"As a kid he did music and it's still being listened to today," Matty said. "He was doing greater things as an adult but his kid music is still really big and popular and I hope that can happen to me." 


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