Matthew Perry Takes A 'Friends' Apartment Quiz And Proves He's Got A Pretty Impressive Memory

Do you know these answers?

If you're a fan of the TV show "Friends," this next interview is for you.

Matthew Perry, who (of course) played Chandler Bing on the beloved NBC sitcom, sat down with Graham Norton on "The Graham Norton Show" for quick round of "Friends" trivia. 

Norton prompts Perry with a handful of questions that were once featured in a classic episode of "Friends" to see if the actor could remember all things Bing-related. 

On Saturday, E! News announced that some of the "Friends" cast members will reunite to pay tribute to Jimmy Burrows, the show's director, though Perry will not be able to attend

For now, we'll have to relive our fondest "Friends" memories on Netflix. 

See Perry's full interview and quiz below:


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