Here's Four Minutes Of Matthew McConaughey Making Noises Only He's Capable Of

Such range.

Although the McConaissance has quieted some since Matthew McConaughey won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, the lesson we all learned from it has been imprinted into our minds. The guy can not only act, but act very, very well, and with astonishing range. It's no secret that for a while he appeared in several roles that were heavy on the eye candy and not so much on the substance, but somewhere around the turn of the decade he broke out of that mold to become one of Hollywood's best leading men.

Throughout his whole career, though, good films or bad, credit should be given to the guy for maintaining one crucial part of the McConaughey brand intact no matter what: interesting, completely unintelligible noises. Yes, noises.

You see, whether it's a grunt here, a yelp there, or a full sentence of complete gibberish, McConaughey has always been an expert in strange sounds regardless of the role he's in or the film surrounding him. The same people who realized Owen Wilson loves saying wow know this all too well, and they've put together a supercut that proves the fact to hilarious effect.

"Matthew McConaughey Makes Noises," as it's aptly named, is four solid minutes of pure, unadulterated audio that could only come from the mouth of McConaughey. So sit back, press play, and let the Southern drawl wash over you.


(H/T: Digg via Sploid)

Cover image: Interstellar Movie via YouTube

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