Italian Pastry Chef Plays With Desserts To Create Clever Miniature Scenes We Wish We Could Live In

"I joined the food and my imagination, creating desserts [and] creative shoots."

Desserts are delicious to eat and all, but it turns out they also make a beautiful backdrop for miniature figurine art. For most of us, gooey chocolate oozing out of a lava cake seems like the perfect way to end a meal, but for this guy, it's also a lovely river for his mini figures to navigate. 

Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi is using his dessert making skills and imagination to create a tiny world we wish we could live in. He calls his dessert world "Lilliput" and imagines what people living in a world made up of giant desserts would be like. In it, people spend their time climbing chocolate chip muffin mountains and watching massive swan-shaped eclairs swim about. Each scene and its sweets are designed and made by Stucchi. He shares photos of his miniature figurine dessert art on his Instagram along with captions of each scene written in Italian.

Stucchi was inspired by Christopher Boffoli, an artist best known for his "Big Appetites" work, which features figurines posed against a variety of foods. "I joined the food and my imagination, creating desserts [and] creative shoots," Stucchi wrote in an Instagram post. 


Check out some of his mini masterpieces below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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