Matt McGorry Heard A Grossly Sexist Segment On The Radio And Responded Perfectly

Nailed it.

Outside of his day job as an actor, Matt McGorry of Orange is the New Black and How to Get Away with Murder fame is also one of the more vocal male feminists adored by many on Twitter. 

Never one to shy away from expressing his wokeness, McGorry took to his favorite social media haunt to express outrage at one Los Angeles radio show's shockingly sexist segment, "Fat Chick/Skinny Chick." Aired on 98.7 FM as part of The Woody Show, McGorry described the segment as a question game wherein its hosts determine if a woman was fat or skinny based on repulsively chauvinistic questions.

According to Cosmopolitan, not only did the people behind The Woody Show refuse to apologize, they reportedly tried to defend themselves by highlighting the various causes they supported. They said their charitable giving was evidence of the "kind of people" they were.

To which McGorry responded:

Cosmopolitan also reported that The Woody Show went on the offensive, implying that McGorry was lying because their show aired in the morning, and McGorry had heard it at night.

Which then prompted the actor to post a video of him listening to the segment in a cab, discussing whether it was offensive with the driver.

"Man, that's some sexist shit," McGorry says in the video.

The Woody Show later deleted all its tweets responding to McGorry, and the actor seized the opportunity to point out why their argument fell flat.

The Woody Show responded days later with what seemed like an invitation to McGorry for a discussion on their show.

No word on McGorry's response yet, but needless to say we're looking out for what could turn out to be a spirited debate.

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