This Republican Woman Stood Up To Her Party's Rhetoric On Twitter

Best Twitter storm ever.

With the fallout from a recent leak of a 2005 video featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault, one Republican woman is standing up to the misogynistic rhetoric from her party's nominee.

Twenty-nine-year-old Marybeth Glenn is a conservative writer from Wisconsin who has a long history of speaking out against the hateful rhetoric in her party. On Monday night, Glenn lashed out against the problems in the GOP with a powerful 17-part message on twitter.


The leaked recording of  Trump's lewd conversation in 2005 was the final straw for Glenn. Her tweets were aimed at Republicans who have ignored that their party's 2016 nominee has a history of spewing sexist rhetoric.

She also spoke out against Republicans in her party who are still defending Trump, including Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. In a recent interview, Sessions refused to characterize Trump's described behavior as sexual assault.

Glenn predicted that if the GOP continues to support sexist rhetoric, then many women and men would leave the party.

In her tweets, Glenn says that a lot women are disgusted with the Republican Party. A recent poll found that many educated Republican women are not supporting Donald Trump. And although there are many people in the party still supporting Trump, dozens of elected Republicans announced in the recent days that they will no longer support their party's nominee.

"I wanted the Conservative movement — actual conservatives, who both on policy and morals stand antithetical to him — to stand up and rebuke him," Glenn told BuzzFeed News. "Somethings are more important than winning an election, and the soul of the Conservative movement is at the top of that list."

Glenn's powerful Twitter message did not go unnoticed. Many people praised her — including author J.K. Rowling.

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A Plus reached out to Glenn for a comment.


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