This Video Shows The Precious Moment Of A Blind Woman Seeing Her Dog For The First Time

Mary Sedgwick has been blind since 2003, but advanced technology has answered her prayers.

After being diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis as a medical student, North Carolinian Mary Sedgwick's vision would go in and out and would later cause her to give up her work as a doctor. By 2003, Sedgwick was legally blind. 

"I no longer knew what my worth was," Sedgwick told ABC 11 News. 

 In 2010, Leader Dogs for the Blind gave Sedgwick her a guide dog. 

"Lucy is my second dog, and we have been together for over 8-years. I would not be as mobile, confident or free to enjoy the life I do have without her," Sedgwick wrote in a blog post about her life. 


During the North Carolina Lions State Convention meeting on April 28, Sedgwick tried on a pair of eSight Glasses. The high-tech glasses help people with visual impairments see.

"The glasses house a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything you're looking at and shows it on two, near-to-your-eye displays," Sedgwick wrote in her blog post.  "Medical algorithms enhance the footage so you can see in real-time. These glasses restored some of my remaining residual vision."

A friend captured a beautiful video of Sedgwick seeing her dog Lucy for the first time. 

"Oh God, Lucy," Sedgwick said in the video. "You got the most beautiful eyes, Lucy."

Now, Sedgwick is raising money to be able to afford a pair of the glasses, which cost $9,000, and the additional expenses that will come with it. Sedgwick said any additional money raised will be donated to others who also need the eSight Glasses to see, and it looks as though she'll have plenty left over. 

Sedgwick's story and the video of her seeing Lucy for the first time have already moved friends and strangers to donate over $13,000.

Cover image via Shutterstock /  XiXinXing.

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