Meet The Marvel Comics Superhero Who's Making Headlines For All The Right Reasons

As written by a queer Latina woman.

Marvel Comics' roster just got a whole lot more diverse. Why? Because the company has given a solo series to its first-ever queer Latina superhero with the introduction of America.

America — which saw its first issue released on March 1 — follows America Chavez, the second Miss America. Madeline Joyce Frank, the first, debuted in Marvel Mystery Comics #49 in November 1943 for Timely Comics (Marvel Comics' precursor). Chavez, on the other hand, first appeared in Vengeance #1 in September 2011, and later appeared in the 2013's Young Avengers series as well as 2015's A-Force series.

Better yet? Gabby Rivera, the first queer Latina writer for Marvel Comics, is behind the LGBTQ-friendly series. Joe Quinones is attached as the illustrator.

"I've always dreamt up wild, powerful, and carefree superheroes that look like me and my family: thick, brown, goofy, beautiful," Rivera told The Washington Post. "And now I get to see them come to life. America is going to be all those things and it's [going to] be wild."

Chavez's powers include superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as flight and inter-reality transportation. But, unlike the older vigilantes, this teen has to balance these abilities with going to school and the all-important social life.

"With America, girls of color, people of color, we get to see ourselves living vibrant and free," Rivera told Entertainment Weekly. "America isn't policed at higher rates than her counterparts nor is she sexualized by any systems that also seek her labor. America gets to exist in this world and others without racist, heteronormative, xenophobic, and sexist limitations. America Chavez chooses her destiny."

To find out more about America and to find issues, visit Marvel.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)

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