Mom Of 3 Toddlers Under 3 Reminds Parents To See Beyond The Hard Moments And Embrace The Magical Ones

"My parenting style is survivalist while trying to minimize junk, and simultaneously holding a baby or doing another juggling act."

Raising kids is a balancing act. Between trying to keep them safe, teaching them new life skills, disciplining them, cleaning up after them, giving them opportunities to experience new things, and making sure they're having fun, it's exhausting, to say the least. And parents with multiple kids can sometimes have it even harder. But one mom named Marisa Costa Procter is embracing it all with her 3-year-old and toddler twins.

On July 25, 2017, Procter wrote a letter on the Love What Matters Facebook page about how she is thankful for being a parent and how she is finding joy in life with three kids under three.


The stay-at-home mom concedes that raising three toddlers can be challenging at times because it's a constant juggling act. She admits that her parenting styling is "survivalist" and she has never worked so hard in her life.

However hard it can sometimes be, she wants people to embrace the magical moments of raising children.

"When the twins both snuggled against each other from the moment they were born, they would care for each other and reach for each other across their face to make one another smile. They scream or cry together 'in sync' if the other one is upset, because it's a sign there is something wrong," she wrote.

Procter is especially appreciative of the the moments she has been gifted because she lost two babies and her father shortly after the twins were born. She explains how the birth of the twins helped her come to terms with loss and understand life and death.

She concludes, "This photo reminds me to enjoy it all, as life is truly so special, and I am so grateful to have these babies."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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