Marine Posted A Video Asking Ronda Rousey Out And Now Everyone's Rooting For Him

'You are my celebrity crush.'

UPDATE: Rousey allegedly agreed to accompany Haschert to the Marine Corps Ball on December 11.

Anyone who's ever gone to a school dance or any other ball of that sort knows what a nerve-wrecking experience it is to ask your crush to come with you. 

Because let's admit, there's no silver lining to it — it's either good or bad. Either it crushes your dreams and fantasies (OK, maybe not so dramatic, but it still sucks), or glorifies you with the best time of your life. 

It's gambling with your feelings. And while some people are cool with making safe bets, others go all-in. Like this hero from North Carolina.


North Carolina-based U.S. Marine Jarrod Haschert not only works hard, but plays hard as well. So when it came to finding a date for the Marine Corps Ball in December, he decided to shoot for the stars.

Stars such as UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

Long shot, eh? See what he did to get her attention.

Haschert says he's been always fascinated by Rousey's personality and loves everything she does. Which are pretty indisputable reasons when you come to think of it ...

... a smart and classy lady that she is, Rousey can literally knock you off your feet.

It was pretty obvious some chocolates and a flower bouquet will not suffice in this situation. So Haschert decided to be a little more courageous and put his heart out where everyone can see — Facebook.

Haschert, 22, recorded a video of himself explaining that Rousey has long been his celebrity crush and that it would be an honor for him to take her to the Marine Corps Ball as his date. The video was posted on Aug. 22 and has so far racked up 3.8 million views.

Don't keep us waiting and have mercy on his soul, Ronda!

Watch Haschert's full video below.

(H/T: USA Today)


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