Mariah Carey's "Infinity" Video Features Tyson Beckford And Jussie Smollett As Potential Matches

Where do we download THAT app?

Online dating has officially reached maximum exposure (at least in music videos). First, it was Hilary Duff swiping left and right on Tinder in the video for her single, "Sparks." Now, Mariah Carey's new "Infinity" music video also jumps on the trend. 

The video for "Infinity" features footage of the singer performing at her Las Vegas residency, then retiring home to her hotel, where she listlessly picks through potential dates on her phone's app. Don't worry, Mimi, we've all been there. Finding that one decent person hiding in a sea of bad matches is rough. And not just anyone will do: Carey rejects male supermodel Tyson Beckford and "Empire" star Jussie Smollett over the course of the video. 

Well, if those two gorgeous and accomplished suitors can't peak Carey's interest, who can? Turns out, she'd rather hang out with the dog Smollett brings on their date than with any of the  guys she finds online. Again, we've all been there: it's a proven fact that dogs are way more enjoyable to hang out with than the majority of people.

Carey spends the rest of the video drinking champagne, putting on her own name-brand perfume and getting dolled up for her Las Vegas show. Will she ever find true love with a human? Don't worry: the video ends with Carey and Smollett riding off down the Vegas strip together.

Moral of the story: Bringing a furry friend along to meet a match can only improve your chances of a second date. Well, at least if your match is Mariah Carey.


Watch the "Infinity" video here:


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