Margot Robbie Proves She's The Perfect Person By Rapping Some Weezy.

And we shall call her Margot F. Weezy.

If Margot Robbie wasn't already the perfect person, Elle Magazine might have just unearthed another reason we can't get enough of her.


During the interview or "date," for her cover story, writer Simon van Zuylen-Wood had the pleasure of catching up with this beautiful and talented actress.

Other than being questioned about his sex life by Robbie and playing probably the most awesome game of "21 questions" ever, van Zuylen-Wood found out that she is also hip-hop fan. 

But not just any hip-hop fan. A HUGE Lil Wayne fan! But before we get into her Weezy IQ, let's first round out Robbie's career in case you don't know who she is.

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Robbie, of Australian descent, initially made the scene as a brunette, starring in a number of tv shows and the film "About Time."

However, you probably first saw Robbie as a blonde in Martin Scorcese's "The Wolf Of Wall Street", playing Naomi Lapaglia. Leo definitely remembers.

After catapulting onto everyone's radar from her amazing performance in the Oscar nominated film, Robbie took on the role of Jess alongside Will Smith in "Focus."

She may play a con artist, but her acting chops are for real. From there, Robbie is slated to star in the upcoming apocalyptic film "Z For Zachariah," a wartime journalist in "Fun House" and Jane in a "Tarzan" remake that we'll definitely be seeing.

But the film that might get her the most attention will be the fully loaded "Suicide Squad," where she will play Harley Quinn opposite an ensemble cast that includes Will Smith, Jared Leto, Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds.

But let's get back to her knack for memorizing Lil Wayne lyrics. Check out the next page to see which song is her favorite.

During her interview with Elle, Robbie went for a spin with the writer in her Chevy. During the drive she hooked up the iPod and asked "You want a performance?" Umm, yes please.

Proving how big of a fan Robbie actually is, she cued up the one of Tunechi's lesser known songs off the original "Sorry 4 The Wait."

The track doesn't have a title, since "It's just a mixtape" as Weezy would say, but it's an awesome remix of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep."

Read what happened below and bump the track to sing along with Robbie.

"When we get to the Chevy, Robbie's equally tall, equally tan personal assistant and BFF since age 10, Sophia, is behind the wheel. Margot slides in and cues up a rather filthy Lil Wayne song on her iPod. Sophia and Margot begin to rap: 'We the shit, yeah Weezy go hard like Cialis... / She pop X, I smoke O's, tic-tac-toe.'"

That is awesome!!

We shall be calling her Margot F. Baby from here on out, and if she ever wants to bump some "No Ceilings," we'd be happy to arrange it.

By the way, Elle, expect some resumes coming in the email, this sounds like the best gig ever!

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