What's Your Country's Stereotype On This Map Of The World?

Super cool.

In the U.S., Maine is known for lobster and Las Vegas for gambling. But stereotypes based on location aren't just limited to America. Artist WKwiatkowski, a student looking to raise some money with his art, designed a map of the world featuring different countries' stereotypes and the things they're known for, and posted his creation to Imgur

From far away, it looks like any old map, but up close there's a multitude of little cartoon drawings. 

What stereotype did he draw for your region?


North America (or as Kwiatkowski calls it, 'MURICA!')

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Africa and Western Europe

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The entire world in all it's stereotyped glory ...

Check out the entire world's stereotypes below.

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You can also buy the map over at his Deviant Art page.


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