This Is The Quirkiest Music Genre People Listen To On Spotify In Your State

Do you listen to country road? Many people do.

Everyone listens to pop, country, hip-hop, and other top genres thanks in large part to mainstream radio. But, when it comes to online streaming services, things can get a little more … creative. These major genres get their fair share of playtime here as well, but everyone has unique tastes influenced by where they live, and now we're able to see what each state listens to on Spotify that is considered off the beaten path.


Thanks to data from Spotify Insights, we can see which subgenres are popular for each state in the U.S. — from Alabama to Wyoming (including Washington, D.C.). Taking away the usual suspects that get lots of attention genre-wise, there are some pretty eclectic types of music people are listening to. 

You might not even know you're listening to these rather niche genres, but your personal listening habits could be contributing to these lesser-known genres being overrepresented in your individual state. Basically, this is the music that is listened to a lot in one state that people in other states might not (or might) listen to as frequently.

Emma Kapotes / A Plus

Of the choices we had for each state, we narrowed it down to the genre that was just plain odd, or a surprise given the particular state, or that isn't as familiar. While country road — no, not the John Denver song — is the clear choice for many of these states (16 to be exact), there are some real gems out there such as post-teen pop (Alaska and Connecticut), deep Southern trap (Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi), and stomp and holler (Vermont), just to name a few.

Check out the full list here and click on each genre to get a sense of its sound: 

Alabama: Anthem worship
Alaska: Post-teen pop
Arizona: Underground hip-hop
Arkansas: Anthem worship
California: Hyphy
Colorado: Jam band
Connecticut: Post-teen pop
Delaware: French hip-hop
Florida: Cubaton
Georgia: Deep Southern trap
Hawaii: Polynesian pop
Idaho: Country road
Illinois: Duranguense
Indiana: Country road
Iowa: Country road
Kansas: Country road
Kentucky: Country road
Louisiana: Deep Southern trap
Maine: Mellow gold
Maryland: Neo soul
Massachusetts: Sertanejo
Michigan: Rap metal
Minnesota: Country road
Mississippi: Deep Southern trap
Missouri: Country road
Montana: Country road
Nebraska: Country road
Nevada: Regional Mexican
New Hampshire: Neo mellow
New Jersey: Tropical
New Mexico: Southern hip-hop
New York: Riddim
North Carolina: Redneck
North Dakota: Country road
Ohio: Redneck
Oklahoma: Post-disco soul
Oregon: Freak folk
Pennsylvania: Emo
Rhode Island: Southern hip-hop
South Carolina: Country road
South Dakota: Country road
Tennessee: Anthem worship
Texas: Deep Texas country
Utah: LDS
Vermont: Stomp and holler
Virginia: Country road
Washington: Chamber pop
Washington, D.C.: Neo soul
West Virginia: Country road
Wisconsin: Country road
Wyoming: Country road

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