Fidgeting 4-Year-Olds Try The Mannequin Challenge, Adorably Fail And Win At The Same Time

Stay still you guys!

Hillary Clinton's done it. Sports teams have done it. And now, 4-year-olds are doing it.

We're talking about the mannequin challenge, of course. You know, that crazy internet trend where one videographer captures a group of people standing completely still — be it on a plane, in a locker room, in a classroom, or wherever — as if they are frozen in their tracks, or, well, mannequins? 

Recently, a group of adorable 4-year-olds tried to complete the challenge too, and while they certainly made an adorable effort, we can't help giggle at their subtle fidgeting and blinking. 

"So darn cute ... for those little ones to even stay even that still with a few wobbles is truly amazing!!! It is hard even as an adult to do it, let alone a little kid who has a hard time with balance with those little legs. Trust me just try it yourselves," one Facebook user commented on the video, shared through the Love What Matters page and the One Step Ahead Learning Center.

Who do you want to see do it next?


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