This Freaky Lil' Guy Is Called A Mantidfly... But Will It Eat You?

He's actually a pretty chill lil' dude.

Before you grab the fly swatter, chill. Trust us, just hear this out.


This cool looking little dude is called a Mantidfly, but don't worry, he's completely harmless.

He may look like a wasp, but he won't harm you. They just like snacking on those pesky flies that torment your barbecues and bathrooms.

The Daily Mail also said, "Utah resident Ed Kern kept the insect captive for four days so he could film it, even nicknaming the strange-looking fly Tyler Durden."

Well, we're certainly glad Ed had fun with little Tyler Durden. Unfortunately, Tyler decided he had better places to be and flew away after snacking on some flies.

Check out some other versions of the Mantidfly here and watch the video below to see him in action.


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