Man Surprises His Girlfriend After 4 Months Apart With Wonderful 'RENT' Proposal


After a long four months apart, writer and producer Omar Kenawi and his girlfriend shared a homecoming she'll never forget.

Thanks to careful planning and with the help of friends and family, London-based Kenawi orchestrated a musical proposal for two months while Sue was in LA. The two had a long distance relationship for a year and a half.

She loves the movie "RENT," so he had an a capella group sing the "Seasons of Love," song, but just added his own lyrics:

Five thousand, four hundred and thirty seven miles Five thousand, four hundred moments we've shared Five thousand, four hundred and thirty seven miles How do you measure the love that our hearts are yet to bear?

"I really wanted to surprise Sue for the proposal, and for her to not see it coming," he said in the video's description.

Based on the couple's proposal video, he definitely succeeded.



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