Family Honors Late Mother With Homemade Candle Made Some Of Her Favorite Smells

Grieving doesn't always have to involve tears.

When a loved one passes away it's perfectly normal to want to hold onto the things that remind us of them, even if that means repurposing used candles.

Redditor Emperor_Zar shared a touching tribute to his wife, whom he says suddenly passed away a month ago. His tribute was a candle made from various candles he purchased with his wife over the past year. 

"In my minds eye I thought that making this candle would be a good way to remember her," he wrote on Reddit. "And the special time that we will burn it will allow us to 'smell' her, or have the house smell like her."


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To create the candle he melted the leftover wax from some of his wife's favorite candles.

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Then he poured each melted candle into a jar to create an entirely new, layered candle.

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Emperor_Zar writes that while life is currently an "emotional roller coaster," the candle-making experience brought some happiness to him and his two children. 

For the ninth and final scent he used True Rose, his wife's favorite.

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In addition to creating a positive grieving experience for his family, the Redditor's post about his heartwarming tribute had many people praising him. Several offered advice to him and his family.

One user suggested that the candle be a metaphor. "You take the pieces of your life that you and she made, pull them close and bind them together, figuratively, so that you and your children can be strong as a single unit."

Another proposed that the family burn the candle once a year in remembrance, while someone else let the father of two know where he could buy more of his wife's favorite candle — the scents he used are retired.

As many wrote, it takes a strong person to be there for his children during a difficult time, and that it's OK to cry. But as Emperor_Zar reminds us, during an emotional time in your life it's a good thing to try your best to remain positive and above all celebrate life.

(H/T: Reddit)

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