This Hunter Creates The Ultimate Man Cave For Just $100

"I don't get free lumber everyday. But when I did, I made good use of it."

Most guys dream of their own man cave—a space, usually in the basement, that men can escape to—but achieving that dream is often cost prohibitive.

However, Reddit user Kelhans showed that it's entirely possible to achieve that dream even on a shoestring budget. He created the ultimate sportsman's man cave, spent just over $100, and wants to inspire others to create their own. Check out how he did it below.

This is what he started with:

"This was a storage room to start with, so the disco ball was just hanging there in storage."

First he scored some free lumber.

"I don't get free lumber everyday. But when I did, I made good use of it."

After touching it up a bit, he started paneling.

"I didn't stain the walls because real hunters in the 1940s' wouldn't haul gallons of paint into the woods just so the walls would "look pretty" I didn't either."

Added in a fake fireplace.

"Would have made the fireplace functional but couldn't vent it from this room. And the only reason the window isn't real is that there IS no window in this room. I didn't make them fake because I build sets. I made them fake because I had no other choice."

And some hardwood floors to match the walls.

"I have plans for a rug on the floor, I just haven't found one I like yet."

And decorated the walls.

"I don't have to have a giant TV or Playstation in front of me to relax and enjoy myself. I can watch TV upstairs."

Added some furniture.

"I know the seat cushions don't 'match.' But most everything in a real functional hunting cabin is a hand-me-down or something that was about to be thrown away at home, and was salvaged for the hunting club. Knowing that, I purposely added some items that looked like hand me downs."

And creates a cabin-themed man cave for just $107.

"The point in revealing the price was to inspire others to be creative and use more imagination than money. I could have paid a contractor thousands of dollars to make that room. But part of the fun and experience was pondering how to do it for less, how to create without always spending. I don't get free lumber everyday, but when I did, I found a way to put it to good use. Everyone might not be able to build a room like this and only spend $107 in cash like I did, but hopefully it will inspire them to be more creative."

H/T Lost At E Minor



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