Man Claims To Have Finally Cracked The Dating Code In One Questionable Chart

Yeah, we'll stick with Tinder.

Dana Mclendon has lived on this earth for 46 years and allegedly cracked the one universal algorithm no man has been able to figure out before: women.

In a video by Tactical Response, he demonstrates the solved algorithm by a sexistmathematical chart. The chart contains two axis', showing that as a woman's hotness level goes up, so does her level of crazy. In other words, he recreated a fancier grown-up version of the juvenile "rating" game.

Just when we think we understand his formula (sadly), he throws us for a loop by claiming women too high on the hotness scale enter guys into what is called the "danger zone." Because women that are incredibly beautiful are automatic sociopaths, of course.

But we have to give him some credit. He creates a chart for guys too (see below), in which the axis' compare a guy's looks to the amount of money he has. Which is valid, considering that'd be the only explanation for someone dating this guy.

However, we did find the "wife zone" and "unicorn zone" to be completely valid. Your WIFE should be hot in your eyes. And always chase after that unicorn.

As for the rest, thanks but no thanks, Dana. We'll stick with Tinder.



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