Human Hulk Lifts And Moves Car Off Of Bike Path In Astonishing Video

That's one way to do it.

In a mind-blowing video making the rounds in Portugal and online, a man is seen lifting a car — by himself — and moving it off of a crowded bike path.

It appears the man was riding his bike down the path when he realized the tail end of the car was obstructing his and other biker's lane. So what to do? Call a tow truck? Report it to the police? Ride around the car?

Nope, instead, he just goes right ahead and lifts the car up. All by himself. It goes a little something like this... 


Step 1. Observe car.

Step 2. Wrap arms around car.

Step 3. Pick car easily off the ground.

Step 4. Move car off bike path.

Step 5. Walk away from car like nothing happened.

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Check out the video below:


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