Can You Spot The Creepy Thing About This Baby Monitor Still?

What in the ...?

Video baby monitors are one of the many awesome things technology has contributed to parenting. Instead of just listening for cries, parents can now watch their baby or toddler in action without actually disturbing them. 

At least, that's what The Verge's Ben Popper thought he and his wife could do with theirs. But while his wife watched their son playing through the monitor, she noticed something pretty creepy and quickly took a photo of what she saw. 

Popper shared the image along with what happened on the site. 


How about now?

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"Apparently while we think he is goofing off in his room, my son is actually dividing into two distinct versions of himself that carry on simultaneous lives until the moment I open the door," he wrote.

Yep, there's definitely two children in there, which would be fine, except that Popper only has one son. Not only that, but he also noticed the child/children (?) wearing two different outfits. 

Popper reached out to readers to help him solve the mystery.

"If anyone has experience with demonic possession and can recommend a good course of action, I'm all ears." he wrote. "In the meantime I'm going to reset the Wi-Fi router."

We think we have an idea... Word of advice to Popper: Make sure when you photoshop, the corners line up!

Nice one.

Check out The Verge post for his complete post.


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