Video Shows Us Male Pop Stars Through The Decades, Highlighting Different Styles

From Duke Ellington to Michael Jackson to Kanye West.

Last month, we shared Vanity Fair's video that highlighted female pop culture figures and their individual styles. Now, Vanity Fair has released a new video that celebrates music industry's male icons. In under three minutes, two models are transformed into the past century's biggest male pop stars. 

The video begins in the 1910s with Joe "King" Oliver, a legendary jazz performer who rocked suits and newsboy caps. By the 1970s, we see a David Bowie look, complete with his iconic face paint and a mixed print body suit. The star Vanity Fair decided to feature for the 2010s is Justin Bieber. The model is decked out in tattoos and skate shoes. 

See the other icons they chose to emulate in the video below:

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