Birth Control For Men Is Doing Well In Testing And Will Be Available By 2017

Researchers plan to have the male version available by 2017.

The frustrating days of pulling out, abstinence and breakable condoms as man's way of preventing pregnancy may soon be over.

The Parsemus Foundation, a nonprofit initiative aiming to advance neglected medical research, announced last week that trials for a form of male birth control are doing well. And that the contraceptive could make public rounds by 2017, The Daily Beast reported.

Called Vasalgel, the non-hormonal birth control touts similar results as a vasectomy, but won't stay permanent — much how female birth control functions today.

The Foundation explained how the nonsurgical gel, Vasalgel, will work on their website:

A gel is injected into the vas deferens (the tube the sperm swim through), rather than cutting the vas (as is done in vasectomy). If a man wishes to restore flow of sperm, whether after months or years, the polymer is flushed out of the vas with another injection.

In other words, just one shot (a single treatment) could put more control of preventing unplanned pregnancy in guys' hands, er, penises. The researchers have tested the method on baboons, who were given six months of access to female baboons, and so far, not one has fell pregnant. Soon, researchers will move on to testing on humans, where they'll get a more definite answer.

However, like female forms of birth control, the male version won't protect against forms of STDs or HIV. Still, the benefits of contraceptives overall very much outweigh the potential costs. According to the CDC, only 1 out of 100 women that use an IUD, or Intrauterine Device, have an unplanned pregnancy per year.

Not only that, but men will also have more control over their sex lives. Hayley MacMillan of Refinery29 put it nicely: "We're excited for Vasalgel's potential to lower rates of unintended pregnancy, and for a future in which birth control responsibility is more equitably shared across the genders," she wrote.

Cheers to that.



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