Eagles Player Malcolm Jenkins Was Asked About Trump. He Responded Without Speaking A Word.

"You aren't listening."

When asked about President Trump's decision to cancel the 2018 Super Bowl champions' White House visit, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins remained silent, but his message came across loud and clear. 

According to USA Today, some of the team — including Jenkins and defensive end Chris Long — had chosen not to visit the White House, instead planning to do charity work in Washington, D.C. Those plans were dashed, however, when Trump announced that the White House was canceling the visit because the entire team would not attend.


In a statement, the White House claimed that the players "disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem." However, as Jenkins pointed out on Twitter, not a single Eagles player chose to sit or kneel during the anthem last season. (Some, including Jenkins, remained standing while raising their fists.)

This week, the Eagles returned to practice following the cancellation. On Wednesday, when asked by reporters about Trump's decision, Jenkins chose to draw attention to some of the important issues of racial injustice that inspired the national anthem protests in the first place.

Jenkins silently held up handwritten signs. The first read, "You aren't listening." He ignored reporters' follow-up questions as he continued to shuffle through the cards. "More than 60 percent of people in prison are people of color," read one message. Another pointed out that, out of 439 people shot and killed by police in 2018, 25 percent were Black men, who make up 8 percent of the U.S. population. 

Jenkins' cards also praised current and former NFL players he considers "true patriots." That includes Colin Kaepernick, who donated $1 million to charity; Chris Long, who donated his entire season's salary to education; and Ben Watson and Demario Davis, who supported Louisiana House Bill 265 to restore voting rights to those with past felony convictions or who are on parole or probation.

Jenkins also pointed out players' charity work in his Twitter statement on Tuesday, adding, "Everyone, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, deserves to be treated equally. We are fighting for racial and social equality."

According to CNN, Jenkins' teammate Chris Long — who recently joined him in speaking out about the NFL's new national anthem rules — praised him for doing a "tremendous job of advocating for issues like social justice and criminal justice reform." He added his belief that Jenkins was trying to convey "a lack of listening" by those who aren't affected by the issues.

Jenkins and former 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin previously co-founded the Players Coalition, an organization focused on social justice issues affecting people of color, including criminal justice reform. In November, the coalition persuaded the NFL to commit to donating $89 million to social justice initiatives.

See Jenkins share his message with reporters in the video below:

Cover image: Jerry Lai / USA Today Sports via Reuters

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