If You Just Finished 'Making A Murderer,' And Feel Super Pissed Off, Then You're Gonna Need To See This


If you just finished Netflix's original true-crime series Making a Murderer, then you're pissed off. Beyond pissed off, you're probably feeling demoralized, lost all faith in the U.S. court system, and don't know where to turn, or how to make a difference. 

You also likely just spent Christmas binge-watching the 10 episode series, and forgot to say "hi" to your family, so you're mad about that, too. 


Making a Murderer

After finishing the series, you spent at least five hours reading follow-up material, looking over every single Reddit thread, discussing each episode, postulating new theories, coming up with alternative suspects, just trying to wrap your mind around how the justice system could have failed one family so miserably — or was that just me? 

Now, after all these mix of emotions, there's one thing you need to do to cool down your undying rage. 

Do yourself a favor, and watch this video starting at the 1:25 minute mark:

There, feel better?  Who knew freestyle canoeing could be so soothing? Especially with that American Psycho-esque "Lady in Red" 80s ballad in the background. 

But on a more serious note, there really is something you need to do — help fight to make our justice system more effective. 

No, that doesn't mean leaving really angry Yelp reviews for prosecutor Ken Kratz. Instead, donate to The Innocence Project, an organization that aims to exonerate the innocent, improve the law, create reform through the courts, and support the exonerated. 

Rather than just focusing on a single (granted, totally effed up) case, donating to The Innocence Project can help make much-needed systemic changes. The organization has already made such strides to better our justice system like improving access to DNA testing for wrongfully convicting Montanans. You can see more of their victories in legislative reform here. 

And while it's important to look at the broader picture, you still might want to help Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. Because, whether or not you think they are guilty or not guilty, Making a Murderer exposes some serious shortcomings in the handling of their cases. Sign this Change.org petition to help bring the Averys to justice. 

Ugh. Still. So. Mad. Watching that canoeing thing again right now. 

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