Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Five Times In Crazy Makeup Video


Makeup is transformative: a splash of bronzer on the cheeks and suddenly they're hallowed out. A swipe of white sparkle in the center of the eyelid makes the eyes pop. But how different can makeup really make you look? Enough to help you transform from a goth into a pinup woman, apparently. 

Makeup artist Kandee Johnson demonstrated for BuzzFeed Video with the title "1 Face 5 Makeup Looks." 

She starts out pretty drastic with a Goth look.

Then transforms her face by contouring.

OK, we're sold.

Check out the other faces in the video below:

The Kim Kardashian or I Love Lucy looks not for you? This makeup artist goes a little rogue, and transforms herself into superheroes and comic characters. 

Art is a beautiful thing. 


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