11 Hacks To Make Your Home Look Super Fancy Super Fast

Don't worry, no one's trying to make you wear pants.

So you're an adult now. This means, among other things, you probably need to start looking like you have your life together, even if you've had cereal for dinner every night this week. A good way to start is by throwing one of those fancy grown-up dinner parties, but that involves letting people see how you live. Yikes.

Don't worry though, because there are some incredibly easy fixes you can use to trick people into thinking you're put together. Here are some ways to convince anyone who comes to your home that you've totally got this.


1. Flaunt those non-perishables.

Make your home look like every Pinterest user's dream by placing grains, beans, and spices in jars instead of their original busted-up store-brand containers.

2. Hide your gross toiletries.

No one wants to see your busted up toothbrush that you should have replaced 10 months ago. Put it in a cabinet somewhere, or better yet buy a new one and use this current one to get ride of that mold buildup in your shower.

3. Use throw pillows to revive the ratty used couch you drunkenly dragged off a curb in the rain that one time back in '08.

Jazz hedgehogs add an extra classy touch.

4. Own a plant that you actively don't kill.

Check out this beautiful thing you have not killed yet.

Plants require some vague semblance of a stable life, so people will assume you have that if you have a plant on display. No, fake plants do not count. Yes, you can use some sort of cactus variety to minimize the minimal effort it takes to water.

5. Dazzle everyone with your tea selection.

Get a tea variety pack, and be sure to keep random varieties you come across. Your guests will think they're in a hotel, so don't be surprised when they start snooping around for mini bottles of shampoo and soap to steal.

6. Create a nice-smelling ambience with candles.

Here's your chance to smell like one of those stores at the mall that thinks they can be a super expensive store because their bougie decor makes them not look like a store.

7. Illuminate your home with string lighting.

Deck your home out in those lights that are in every vintage wedding album you've ever Facebook stalked.

8. Serve infused water.

Toss in some lemon, lime, or mint. They'll never know it's actually just the humdrum sink water with traces of lead you usually drink.

9. Leave some copies of The New Yorker sitting around.

Glasses strewn in random places can only enhance your aesthetic.

Or one of those public television tote bags. It's how people will know you passed that English seminar freshman year.

10. Frame a portrait of your grandparents from when they were younger and hotter than you.

Vintage photos of beautiful people earn you so many adult points.

11. Stick some twigs in a vase.

We're not sure how this got started, but there's no questioning how classy it looks. More importantly, flowers die. Twigs do not.


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