It's Hard To Watch A Child Cry, But Here's Why Their Painful Tears Are Important


Seeing a child crying can be heart wrenching, but sometimes their unbridled tears are necessary. 

The nonprofit organization Doctors of the World launched the ad campaign #MakeAChildCry in Western Europe that forces people to come face to face the uncomfortable sight, in fact encouraging them to make it happen.


The campaign features close-up images of children weeping, accompanied by the hashtag #MakeAChildCry.

At first glance you might be taken aback, but there's actually a powerful message behind these ads.

Across the world, a child dies every seven seconds due to lack of medical care. The primary cause for this tragedy is extreme poverty, as it makes even the simplest health care, hygiene practices and basic nutrition inaccessible. In war-torn countries or those afflicted by natural disasters, children refugees are the most vulnerable to unsanitary conditions and meager health services.

The campaign aims to inspire people to donate money for medical equipment and services that will make these children cry — and save their lives in the process.

The ads first begin with a wailing child and later reveals more context.

It's a powerful way to drive a message that disadvantaged children all across the world need basic health care. It's also interesting to note the disparity between the growing anti-vaccination movement in developed nations and the dire need for such medical services in poor countries.

Overall, the message is clear: sometimes, children have to experience pain for their own good. 

Watch the campaign video here:

Cover image via Doctors of the World UK / Facebook


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