Teen With Special Needs Gets Easter Bunny Present In The Mail

A great example of "the hearts of strangers."

A 16-year-old living with disabilities in Springfield, Ohio, just received a memorable present from the "Easter Bunny" that he will never forget.

The teen, Garrett McGrevy, has a rare disease called Smith-Magenis syndrome, which is categorized by behavioral and cognitive abnormalities such as intellectual and speech disabilities. Deleted genetic material in chromosome 17 causes the syndrome.

Garrett recently became interested in a toy guitar at a Goodwill store and had a plan to get it.

"I need to call the Easter Bunny," Garrett told his mom, , who relayed the story in an essay to The Mighty.

Tina helped Garrett pen a letter asking for the guitar. The letter was addressed to "The Bunny Village," and the pair mailed it with a fake stamp.

"I just assumed it would get thrown away," McGrevy told ABC News.

But the next day, McGrevy saw a sticky note on the mailbox from an unidentified mail carrier. The note read, "I heard that a letter from the Easter Bunny is on its way."

A few days later, Garrett received a card from the Easter Bunny, along with some candies. His mom recorded Garrett's reaction on video — he was extremely ecstatic to get a response.


Tina is the awareness chairperson for Parents and Researchers Interested in Smith-Magenis Syndrome (PRISMS).

"I'm so proud that the media is starting to become aware of our fantastic SMS friends," she wrote on PRISMS' Facebook page. "PRISMS has partnered with The Mighty which has a reach of 85 million subscribers. Now, this story and a video of Garrett is posted on the ABC News' partners and platforms. We are fortunate to live in a great community that accepts Garrett and our mail carrier is a great example of how Garrett gets into the hearts of strangers."

And with the help of Garrett's aunt, he was able to receive a special Easter present of a toy guitar purchased on eBay.


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