Maddie Ziegler Offers Advice To Little Kids, Showing Girls Helping Girls Is What It's All About

"But now that I'm confident, I'm able to express all of my goofiness."

Maddie Ziegler — dancer, actress, and author — has certainly become a role model for young girls. Now, in a sit-down video with Glamour magazine, the 14-year-old is offering advice on friendship, beauty, confidence, and beyond. 

First, one 5-year-old asks Ziegler what she loves about being a girl. 

"I think girls are the coolest people ever," Ziegler says. "Girls are strong and beautiful and can conquer anything they put their minds to."

And when asked what it means to be beautiful, Ziegler has an all-star response. 


"To be beautiful doesn't necessarily mean being beautiful on the outside. If you have a great personality and you care for others, I think that's what being beautiful is all about."

The girls also question Ziegler on whether or not she experiences stage fright, who she would like to meet, and what makes her feel confident.

"Being confident is just about being yourself," Ziegler responds. "And not trying to hide [from] others. I used to be nervous to show my weird self, but now that I'm confident, I'm able to express all of my goofiness."

These sentiments are echoed by other inspiring women we've covered:, such as Winnie Harlow, Iskra Lawrence, and Demi Lovato.

We love seeing Ziegler speak to these girls' concerns and questions, and we hope it inspires others to be their best selves, too. 

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