This Woman Won A Free Makeover, But It's Not Her 'Before' And 'After' Photos That Make Her Story Amazing

Beauty isn't restricted to one size.

You don't have to be one body type to wear makeup or be beautiful, and one of the winners of MAC cosmetics' M-A-Cnificent Me contest made that very clear in a recent interview. 

Enter Luzmaria Vargas. MAC announced the Anaheim, Calif., native as one of the six contest winners, and created a video of her makeover process and story. In her video, she addressed the body issues she faces as an overweight woman.

"I'm at a party and they're like, 'Oh, let's take a picture,' and they're like, 'Oh, you take the picture,' " she said 


"Some people think because you're overweight, you don't have feelings."

"But with this I'm going to prove, 'Hey, look I don't have a gorgeous body ... but look at where I'm at,' " she continued. "I didn't need a gorgeous body, it was really the inside that counted."

MAC called out for participants to enter its contest last fall to be featured in its 2015 color collection campaign and only had three requirements of submissions: style, heart and soul. MAC's Creative Director James Gager explained in the introduction video that the criteria centered around someone who put themselves out there in more ways than just by submitting a photo. 

"Beauty has depth to it," he said. "It just doesn't need to be superficial. I think you can go deeper and tap into those emotions that are connected to ones appearance." 

It's no brainer why they selected Vargas as a winner.

"I know there are so many women out there that wont express themselves for the fact that they're overweight," she said.

She hopes her story will inspire women who feel like they can't put themselves out there. 

"Just go for it," she said.

Watch her full interview below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)

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