Dad's Incredible Video Projections Enable His Daughter To Interact With Dinosaurs

She even comes face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus rex at one point.

While many of us may dream of seeing dinosaurs in our backyard, one young girl got a unique experience thanks to her father's creative work. 

"We had just seen Jurassic World, and I thought it would be so cool to have that at our house," Lyle Coram, 48, tells A Plus in an email. Using "a large rear screen outside the house and projecting into the house with a short throw projector," Coram was able to display Velociraptors, a Triceratops, and other dinosaurs for his daughter, Shelby.

Coram later uploaded a video to YouTube that shows Shelby interacting with the dinosaurs; she watches them run by, holds a ball up to the window to play along, and she even comes face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus rex. And in a second video, Shelby moves from room to room in her house, meeting a new dinosaur character in every window. 


"When Shelby first saw it, she freaked out — she knew it was fake, but [was] amazed at how real it looked," Coram says, adding that he's created other displays for Shelby in the past. 

For example, Coram, who works as a stagehand, has turned Shelby's bedroom into a magical Disney-inspired room complete with falling snowflakes and stars on the ceiling. He also put together an epic display for Halloween, and says he plans for create a Little Mermaid-inspired scene with animated animals singing in her room next. 

"When I see her playing, or just reading a book in her room, it really makes me happy. I feel like I really accomplished something amazing for her," Coram once told Love What Matters. "I'm hoping she will tell her kids about her room one day and would want to do the same for them."

You can check out more of Coram's work in the videos below:

(H/T: Bored Panda


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