You Might Have Met Lupita Nyong'o At Comic-Con, Although You May Not Have Recognized Her

"Did you see me at Comic Con?!"

There's certainly never a shortage of celebrities at San Diego Comic-Con, but they're usually sitting on panels, giving interviews, or signing autographs. It can be hard for a famous face to walk the floor like a regular fan without drawing attention to themselves, which is why some celebrities opt for creative cosplay.


Actress Lupita Nyong'o was recently at the annual convention with the cast of the upcoming Marvel movie Black Panther. While some fans saw her during the film's panel in Hall H, others may have caught a glimpse of the star without even knowing it was her, thanks to the clever disguise Nyong'o revealed on social media this week.

In videos posted to Instagram and Twitter, Nyong'o can be seen exploring the convention in a pink Power Ranger costume, complete with a mask and sunglasses. She dances her way around, even stopping to point out a figurine of her Star Wars character Maz Kanata. "Did you see me at Comic Con?!" she wrote.

Fans were surprised to discover that the actress was walking among them, especially those who apparently interacted with her without realizing who was under the mask.

Nyong'o isn't the first star to seek anonymity at the event through cosplay. Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith wore a Bart Simpson mask a few years ago, and Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston had perhaps the best disguise of all when he wore a mask of his character.

We're glad Nyong'o had the chance to enjoy Comic-Con like a regular fan, but it's also nice to learn that she still took the time to speak to people. Fingers crossed she makes this a yearly tradition.


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