Hip-Hop Duo Lucky Aces Absolutely Kill Their Performance On 'The Ellen Show'

An incredibly talented duo.

Andree Camille Bonifacio and Reyond Lucky Ancheta, a.k.a. A.C. and Lucky, make up the dancing group Lucky Aces.

After their insane performance on The Ellen Show, Lucky explains he was a premature baby, so his parents called him "Lucky." 

"I'm lucky to be here today," he adds in a video posted to Ellen's YouTube channel. 

"And we're lucky to have you," Ellen responds.

Ultimately, the two 12-year-olds (yes, they're only 12!) say they want to perform with Ariana Grande. 

And because Ellen is all-around awesome, she surprised the duo with VIP tickets to Grande's next Vancouver show.

Watch their full performance here:

Plus, check out their bonus performance below:

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